The Mafia[1]EditEdit

As a member of a Mafia Team, your job is to kill all the Townies (and any other roles that affect your WIN condition) either by getting them lynched during the DAY PHASE or Night Killing them during the NIGHT PHASE.

Typically, you will have BTSC (Behind the Scenes Contact) with the rest of your team so you will all work together to come up with your game strategy.

You follow the exact same protocol as townies (The Townies/Civvies - How it Works).

If you are the Mafia Don, you are the one who will typically send in the Night Ability PM. Remember that you must discuss this with your Team.

As members of your team are lynched, then the kill ability passes down the line starting with the Don. See your ROLE DESCRIPTION for further details.

Always work with your Team.

It is generally not a good idea to defend each other in the Game Thread.