The Independents Edit

If you have an independent role, you will have a specific win condition outside of simply killing the mafia or killing the townies/civvies.

Example win conditions include:

  • Last man standing
  • Kill a certain role
  • Kill a player from each faction (townie, mafia team 1, mafia team 2, etc.)
  • Stay alive until the end of the game

Some independent roles are similar to the mafia in that they have a nightly or every-other-night kill. Others are less lethal and have more ambiguous powers. This changes from game to game.

DURING the DAY PHASE (24hrs for Speed Mafia and 48hrs for Full Mafia):

  • Post your vote in the thread VOTE = THE PLAYER YOU SUSPECT using the BOLD tags and vote in the POLL. (See Quick Tips post in Game Section)

DURING the NIGHT PHASE (24hrs for Speed Mafia and 24hrs for Full Mafia):

  • You will send a PM to the Game Host(s) to use your ability. DO NOT POST THIS IN THE GAME THREAD as that will let the townies and mafia know your role.
  • Once the NIGHT PHASE is over the Game Hosts will post the Night Post that shows the story of how the abilities were used during the night. This may or may not include ALL abilities used as some will affect other abilities used during this phase. Game Hosts will determine what abilities appear in these posts.
  • If your name is shown as being DEAD you are no longer alive in the game and can no longer post ON TOPIC about the game. Instead you will post in Dead Red using the COLOR tags. (See Quick Tips in Game Section)

After Night Post is up, the next DAY PHASE has begun and you just repeat until there is a winner declared.