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Revolution Mafia is a forum for themed mafia games and other zany fun! Come join us at

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At RM we have themed mafia games, discussion sub-forums, alternative game sub-forums, and an arcade with over 500 games! We have three separate mafia forums, Speed Mafia Games , for speed games (12-15 players), DayLight Games , for medium-sized games (16-25 players), and DarkNight Games , for large-sized games (26 or more players). You can find our current DarkNight poll, here .

Current Games in PlayEdit

Speed Mafia Game - Indiana Jones Mafia: Hosted by Golden (Not Started)

Twilight Game- LOST: Revolution: Hosted by LC, LT, BR, and Rabbit

DawnLight Game - Viral Video Mafia 2011: Hosted by boo (Sign-ups)

DarkNight Game - The House of Secrets: Hosted by Unfurl and Trish (Not started)

How Do You Play?Edit

A Guide to How to Play Mafia

The Townies/Civvies - How it Works

The Mafia - How it Works

The Independents - How it Works

Common Acronyms and Terms Encountered During Gameplay

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Past Speed Games Played

Past DayLight Games Played

Past DarkNight Games Played

Doober's Post-Game Interviews

The PlayersEdit

Who's Who on RM?

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