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So I decided to sit down with blindfaeth to have a chat. blindfaeth played Percival in King Arthur making him a civvie.

DD: Hi BF, thank you so much for talking with me today.

BF: Thanks.

DD: How did you like playing King Arthur?

BF: Oh man, I loved it! It's definitely a game I will never forget! Rabbit and LT did a great job hosting it! I'm really flattered to be picked for the civvie interview!

DD: They did do a great job! Was there anything you didn't like about King Arthur?

BF: Well, I was NKed early on, that was a little disheartening. Also, when I came back to life as a result of the mirror realm I had to catch up on the thread. When I was alive I was already following it very poorly, so you can imagine my dismay at the thought of reading something like 1300 posts - or was it more?

DD: OMG, thats a lot of posts . What did you like best in King Arthur?

BF: Night 5 was definitely the best part I somehow managed to usurp the throne from Constantine (Tranq) [And BTW good job baddies at getting the King lynched and then NKing his successor], recruit JC (which also recruited Des because he was her teammate), and find the Holy Grail from Canuck - which protected me and my new teammates. And then the ability I stole from Tranq allowed me to search for Excalibur, which JC was just dying to pass off to me I also really enjoyed my BTSC chatroom and the end game with JC and I being all paranoid. I was pleased that the NKs I made with Excalibur hit baddies, when the game didn't end with Typh's death I thought I'd made a grave error~ We were so paranoid in fact, that we were prepared to try and vote Tranq if he and Kate were teammates and he decided to vote us that last lynch!

DD: How long have you been playing mafia?

BF: I've been playing since November of 2010! Can you believe that?

DD: No, I don't believe that Besides playing mafia, what do you like to do in your spare time?

BF: I like to work on my art~ I'm a Graphic Design student graduating this May I also like to play board games. I have a collection of 60+

DD: 60 games Are you known by any other name on other sites?

BF: I don't have any other screenames but I have been trying to come up with a suitable replacement for blindfaeth for a while now.

DD: Well I'm sure if anyone reading this has any ideas you'll be hearing them . What Country are you from?

BF: I live in the US~ VA right now for college but Florida is my home

DD: Do you work? If so, what do you do?

BF: Just a full time student at this point. I got a phone call earlier this afternoon with a promising potential internship with a medical company, though.

DD: Good luck!!! Are you a full time student?

BF: Why yes, yes I am. Graphic Design. *de ja vu*

DD: Don't make fun of my questions Is there any fun fact about yourself you wish to share?

BF: I'm the resident gay

DD: Yes, you have been queenified!. So how do you like RM?

BF: I love RM! It is my mafia home Thanks everyone for welcoming me here!

King Arthur Mafia Interview - MafiaEdit

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