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Flyin' High became a member of Revolution Mafia on April 17th, 2010. Her first game on the site was the epic Sandman Mafia hosted by Long Con. On RM she is often referred to by the nickname of FH.

In addition to playing and hosting mafia on RM, FH is also a Global Moderator for the site working to help keep thing running smoothly and fun for everyone.

Since joining the site, Flyin' High has played (or hosted) the following games on RM:

Game Played




Sandman Mafia Nuala Civvie
In the News: Redux Mafia Intern 2 Mafia Winner
Tron Mafia Unassimilated Program (Assimilated) Civvie Winner
Soap Opera Mafia Carly Benson Civvie
Whose Line is it Anyway Super Speed Mafia Drew Carey Civvie
Morality Mafia Mr. Duponte Civve Winner
Star Wars Jedi Civil War Mafia Master Vandar Civvie
Campaign Trail Mafia Winston Churchmore Civvie Winner
Carnival of Carnage Mafia The Ringmaster/The Dead Whispers Mafia/Civvie Winner(civvie)
Battle of the Schoolstuff Mafia Pencil Sharpener Civvie
The Fey Mafia Linchetto Civvie
Candyland Mafia The Blue Kid Mafia
Supeheroes Mafia Palisade (Dan D. Lyons) Civvie
RM Mafia Ripz Mafia
Dogma~ Mafia John Doe Jersey Civvie Winner
The Care Bears Speed Mafia HOST HOST HOST
King Arthur Mafia Queen Guinenvere Civvie
The Rocky Horror Mafia Show The Transylvanians Mafia Winner
V Mafia Kyle Hobbes Civvie
The West Wing Mafia President Josiah Bartlett Civvie
The Vampire Diaries Mafia Damon Salvatore Civvie
Superman Speed Mafia Ursa Mafia Winner
Spiderman Mafia Eddie Brock Civve Winner
Super Mario Mafia: Bowsers Revenge HOST HOST HOST

FH currently holds the highscore in over 20 games in the arcade, her best category being the Puzzle Games. In 2010 she was awarded RM's Best Puzzle Solver. She also enjoys playing Sudoku and Hangman on the site as well as posting in the Zombie Fun & Games sub-forum.