Dunny is the loveable site alchy who joined the site on February 15th 2010, his first game was Trueblood Mafia hosted by ObscureAllure and Rose. Since this he has played in a number of games but has yet to host one of the multiple games he has hidden in the mix.

Game Role Faction Win?
Trueblood Mafa Russel Edgington Mafia No
Whose Line is it Anyway Super Speed Mafia Ryan Stiles Civvie No
Care Bears Speed Mafia Tenderheart Bear Civvie Winner
Carnival of Carnage Mafia Juggalo N/A No
Star Wars Jedi Civil War Mafia Canderous Ordo Civvie No
Lolcat Mafia Hover Cat Civvie Winner
Morality Mafia Father McAllen Civvie No
Spiderman Mafia Doctor Octopus Mafia No
Super Mario Mafia: Bowsers Revenge Luigi Mafia No
Lost Redshirt Mafia Scott/Steve Civvie No
Werewolf Mafia Hunter Civvie No
Carnivals Call: SKK Mafia Preacher Mafia No
Only Fools and Horses Mafia Host Host Host