A Beginners Guide to Revolution Mafia

Mafia has evolved from a game that used to be played in person.

The goal of the game is to stay alive and win.

Basically, if you are a Townie/Civvie, you need to figure out who is Mafia and vote to lynch them. If you are Mafia, you want to get Townies lynched as well as figure out who has the Power Role (like Cop or Doctor) as you will want to Night Kill them.

The way this works is that everyone posts their suspicions in the game thread during the Day. Be wary though, the mafia will be trying to twist things. You need to figure who is truthful and who is a scheming lying mafia! Sometimes, players will drop hints about their allegiance, sometimes the mafia will make slips. You also want to look and see who appears to be aligned with who. You might get accused and you will need to defend. You might accuse another player. You can do this by linking to posts or quoting posts that backs up your theory of them being mafia (and if you are mafia, you can still do the same thing)

As you get more experienced, you will last longer in a game and may even win! (Of course this sometimes happens for your first game too ).

Each day usually lasts 24hrs for Speed Mafia and 48hrs for Full Mafia (DayLight and DarkNight Games). You need to vote before the timer runs out. It is usually not a good thing to vote really, really early.

Each Night, the mafia will get to select who they want to kill and Power Townies will use their abilities to try to thwart the mafia. Nights generally last 24 hrs for Speed Mafia and 24 hrs for Full Mafia games.

We were all new once. We want to do what we can to help make getting into the game as easy as possible for you!! It's a friendly place. At the end of the day, what happens in mafia stays in mafia; and a lot of us return time and time again for new games. A lot of us have played many, many games together. Feel free to ask questions (but you might want to PM the Game Host(s) or a non playing Mod for help if you are really unsure of what you are doing)

And there are a number of things that can get you lynched quickly:

Too much Off -Topic chatter
Joking about a Lynch
Joking about making a lie detector statement if it is required
Not posting (Flying Under the Radar)


Don't out your role, it's bad form, unless there's a really good reason. For example, if the Townies will absolutely lose the game if you are lynched or there has been a plan which involves your outing which has been discussed at length and the group has come to a general consensus that it's the right thing.

Please do not break the rules. They exist for a reason.

We are really nice people even when we are scheming to kill each other. We are all friends here (no really, we are!!). We invite the veterans to add anything in that we've missed. We always feel bad for the people who are new to our games who make mistakes that don't seem like mistakes to them at the time, and then get lynched for it.

The most important thing to remember is the even though Mafia is srs bzns, you should always HAVE FUN!! You are going to get lynched, you are going to get NK'd. You will be accused. Do not take it personally. It is JUST A GAME and we happen to be very addicted to it here at Revolution Mafia.

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