blindfaeth, often abbreviated "BF" for simplicity's sake, is a 21 year old Graphic Designer from Jacksonville, FL. Kevin joined RM on October 4, 2010 at the referral of DooberDoes - who was a fellow player in his first online mafia game on an external site, STV (Disney Mafia). He debuted as a replacement for Flyin' High in The Mole and has remained a very active player since. The following table outlines his game history on the site:

Game Role Faction Status Notes of Interest
The Mole Player Executed Day 4 Debut game at RM
The Fey The Spirit of the Well Independent NK'd Night 7 by Snow Queen (Sorsha) despite NK protection (Witch event)
  • won item "Mirror"
  • gained BTSC with jska (Gan Ceanach)
  • sided with civvies
  • saves ripz from Medusa's Revenge Night 7 by passing Mirror
Candyland Lord Licorice Civvie Winner
  • resurrected TNPLH (Plumpy) Night 1
  • gained BTSC with LittleTiger (Green, baddie)
Superheroes Super Penguin Host
  • First game hosted at RM
  • implemented "Secret Identity" screename and role gender dependent game mechanics
  • Game reaches 110 pages
RM Mafia DharmaHelper Baddie Lynched Day 4
  • Never gained BTSC with teammates
Dogma Gangster Civvie w/ BTSC Lynched Day 9 (baddie vote manipulation); Winner
  • Teammates: Sophie, Kate, Des
  • Secondary Teammates (won recruit who was also Civvie w/ BTSC: Grimace (later a traitor), Flyin' High, Bea
King Arthur Sir Percival Civvie w/ BTSC

NKed Night 1; Rezzed D4; Winner

  • Original teammates: jska, GrinningTurtle/iDream
  • Teammates dead upon rezz (earned from epic "Cooking with BF: Brain Cupcakes" post)
  • used ability and gained a recruit Night 5
  • checked Tranq (Sir Constantine successor to King Arthur, Golden) and gained ability to search for Excalibur
  • Recruited JulietsCoffee (Lady of the Lake, teammate Sir Pelleas [Des]) & became King (gained Excalibur and thus NK protection & a NK)
  • NKed baddies Dfaraday and Typhoony
  • Arguably his best game
Care Bears Grumpy Bear Civvie w/ BTSC Winner Teammate: Black Rock (Funshine Bear)
Rocky Horror Magenta Baddie Winner
  • Teammates: LittleTiger, SVS, Rabbit (Magenta, recruited), Flyin' High
  • DexterAlt (Indie) worked with baddies to secure the win
  • Survived multiple lynch and NK attempts
V Joshua Civvie Game suspended Day 6
  • Gained BTSC with Black Rock and Long Con
West Wing Dolores Landringham Civvie w/ BTSC Died Night 4 (opened package sent via PM)
  • Teammate: JulietsCoffee
Vampire Diaries Isobel Baddie Lynched Day 9; Winner
  • Teammates: Tranq, Black Rock (recruited)
Superman Jimmy Olsen Civvie NKed Night 1
Spiderman Luke Cage Originally Civvie; recruited Died Day 8
  • Survived lynch Day 1
  • Recruited N4 by LittleTiger, Golden, rabbit8 (former teammates Sorsha & DooberDoes, dead at time of recruitment)
  • Died as lone member of group after targeting Dexter (Morbius, Indy) for a NK
Super Mario NKed Night 1; game ongoing

Current avatar of forum member blindfaeth

BF has a tendency to be recruited (not highlighted in the chart above, several games offsite) and plays strongest as a recruit or civvie. His closest friend on the forum is Golden, and both read eachother's games very well. There is a recent trend for BF to be NKed very early on.

BF currently has several games in development for hosting at a date TBD. These include: Fruit Salad Mafia (co-host Golden), Betrayal at House on the Hill Mafia (co-host unfurl), and "Back to Basics + Mafia", which is currently being reimagined to include fewer vanilla town roles, hold a werewolf theme, and eliminate public role knowledge.

Another odd, continuing trend regarding BF is the tendency for him to have BTSC in nearly every game - regardless of whether his role is supposed to have it (10 of the above 15 games or 2/3 he had BTSC; of the remaining 5, 1 is still ongoing [cannot confirm or deny status] and 1 he hosted.